Development of Business in Southern Sydney through Collaboration, Innovation and Partnership. Activities include promoting the development of technology parks and commercial centres with office blocks, supported by appropriate infrastructure.

Job Creation

ANSTO Innovation Precinct

ANSTO's vision of a Graduate Centre, Innovation Centre and an Industrial Park [the Precinct] at their Lucas Heights facility will provide a symbiotic ecosystem for scientists of the future and innovative industry leading to significant economic growth and high value jobs across Sydney's south.  A brochure describing the components of the precinct can be viewed here.
ANSTO CEO Dr Adi Paterson addressed a ShireBiz Quarterly on July 12th on plans for the Precinct.
ANSTO has recently released its Draft Master Plan for the Innovation Precinct which can be viewed here

Launch of NANDIN Advanced Technology Incubator

Dr Adi Paterson, CEO, ANSTO opened the NANDIN incubator on Monday 19th November.  Participants from industry, local politicians,ANSTO staff and NANDIN tenants were addressed by Dr Markus Nordberg of CERN on Physics, CERN, Innovation & Social Impact.  The address was followed by a smoking ceremony.
For further information see here and here

Sutherland: The CBD for Southern Sydney

Sutherland is the Shire's Administrative Centre and is a major transport hub.  Developments within the Shire particularly at Kurnell and Lucas Height make Sutherland more appropriate to be the CBD for Southern Sydney.
Proposals to make Sutherland the Shire's Commercial Centre have been underway for some time.  Discussions with interested parties should produce a concept plan shortly.






Shire Infrastructure priorities

ShireBiz in conjunction with local businesses and the Chambers of Commerce has developed a list of infrastructure projects that the Shire needs to support Economic Development.  These will be forwarded to the appropriate government bodies. A submission has recently been made to the Greater Sydney Commission on the Shire's infrastructure needs.

Cyber Security

On 12th April 2018, a seminar on Opportunities in the Digital Economy & the Cyber Security Risks was held.

The 40 attendees were presented with the opportunities and risks of joining the Digital Economy.  Details including presentations can be seen here.  Some suggested actions to reduce risk of cyber attacks were:
1 Having your computer software updated regularly
2 Each machine on your network to have anti virus software installed
3 Use Web Filtering software which checks links in emails to see if genuine
4 Have regular local and offsite backups
5 Have a password policy and change passwords at least every 3 months
6 Have staff training to avoid inadvertently clicking on links
7 Treat IT as an investment NOT a Cost

Shire Accommodation

A concept plan has been developed by local architects for a Hotel to be built over the southern end of Cronulla Station.  Discussions are underway with potential commercial developers and relevant State Government Authorities.

Shuttle Bus Trials

The NSW Department of Transport appointed Transdev to undertake shuttle bus trials in the Sutherland Shire for a 2 year period.  5 areas in the Shire  have been selected and the trials commenced on November 20th 2017. Details of the trial can be viewed here




ShireBiz meeting with NSW Minister Matt Kean on regulation reform

ShireBiz Chair Barry Alchin, businessmen Nathan Spinner [Enware], David Masterton [Masterton Homes] and Terry Dewing [Sullivan Dewing Accountants] met with Matt Kean, NSW Minister for Innovation and Business Regulation to discuss regulations adversely affecting local businesses.  In addition Barry mentioned the adverse impact of NICNAS on Australian Manufacturing Businesses.

18th October ShireBiz Quarterly

Mr David Masterton, MD, Masterton Homes spoke on Alternate Housing opportunities.

Summary of talk

  1. At present an MOU is being processed between a Council, a Charity Provider who will manage the project, and Masterton Homes
  2. It will be a two (2) storey home, SPECIFICALLY designed for homeless women and children to accommodate up to 10 to 20 folks, maybe more.
  3. Council has provided the Land gratis, the specialist Charity will orchestrate gratis, Masterton Homes will build the House, gratis.
  4. David advises this is a first of its kind, and the project has the full support of Council and the Community.
  5. After many years of toil, this Trial is the potential “Shining light at the end of the Tunnel”.
  6. Comment: “A great example of Passion, grit and persistence by Dave, with the FIRST leg of the Journey about to commence”
  7. An official announcement will be made on December 5, when all will be revealed


Corporate Members

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