The ShireBiz Board is undertaking the following projects.

ANSTO Innovation Precinct
ShireBiz in 2014 presented to ANSTO a proposal for a High Tech Business Park for vacant land on the Western side of New Illawarra Road.  This concept was embraced by ANSTO senior management and has grown into what is called ANSTO Innovation Precinct comprising a Graduate Centre, Innovation Incubator and a 200 hectare Industrial Park.  The concept is modelled on the Giant Campus at Grenoble [France] which after a few decades is home to 30,000 including students, scientists, administrators and technicians [see].  The core research and industrial focus of the Precinct is on Materials Science, Heath and the Environment.

NationalRobotics & Automation Group [NRAG]
In conjunction with Southern Strength, NRAG member organisations are undertaking a project to detect the rotation of high quality silicon ingots in the bottom of the OPAL reactor pool.  This involves the developing of appropriate vision systems and associated software.  The feasibility study has been completed and the implementation of the findings awaits further funding from ANSTO. For details see.

Sutherland: Southern Sydney’s Commercial Centre
Sutherland is the Shire’s Administrative Centre and is a major transport and administrative hub.  Developments within the Shire particularly at Kurnell and Lucas Height make Sutherland more appropriate to be the Commercial Centre for Southern Sydney.  Proposals to make Sutherland the Shire’s Commercial Centre have been underway for some time.  Discussions with interested parties should produce a concept plan shortly.

Cronulla Hotel
A concept plan has been developed by local architects for a Hotel to be built over the southern end of Cronulla Station.  Discussions are underway with potential commercial developers and relevant State Government Authorities.

Shire Skills Audit
Given the scarcity of skilled workers across a range of occupations in the Shire and the impact of this on business growth and job creation, Shirebiz is investigating the undertaking of a skills audit of Shire Businesses.

Past projects include

Parking Survey One of the first requests from local business was for us to investigate & report on parking, transport & traffic problems within the Shire. Commuters, residents & businesses took part in an on-line survey. As a direct result of this survey ShireBiz can report that Sutherland Council (SSC) commenced trials of marked car parking spaces in Cronulla, with more to follow. We are confident that as a result of this trial, Council will introduce marked parking throughout the Shire.

Shuttle Buses [Turn Up & Go program] Following representations to local M.P’s Evans & Speakman, ShireBiz met with the Hon Gladys Berejiklian MP to present our Shire survey report, focusing on the concept of peak hour shuttle buses operating within the Shire to & from transport hubs. ShireBiz believes that shuttle bus trials undertaken in the Shire have been successful and could lead to more routes being considered.

Tax White Paper ShireBiz accepted the Prime Minister’s invitation to provide business input into the White Paper on Tax Reform due for completion late 2015.Early in 2015, a series of workshops took place covering each level of Government’s Taxation/Regulations and charges etc. We then held a major Forum for final business input. The Treasurer (Federal) was to be our keynote speaker at this event.

Forum on Advanced Manufacturing In October 2015,ShireBiz held its first Forum on Advanced Manufacturing-the keynote Speaker was the Hon Bob Baldwyn, the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Industry. Speakers for advanced & additive manufacturing from academia & business impressed & paved the way for a series of follow up workshops held in 2015/2016.

Two days before our Forum the Prime Minister announced Federal Gov’t support & funding for initiatives in support of the very areas championed by ShireBiz. Of special note was reference to the removal/amendment of legislation & regulations that have impeded manufacturing –the example quoted –NICNAS, is the subject of direct representation by ShireBiz.

Shire Infrastructure Priorities
ShireBiz in conjunction with local businesses and the Chambers of Commerce has developed a list of infrastructure projects that the Shire needs to support Economic Development.  A submission was made to the Greater Sydney Commission on the Shire’s infrastructure needs.







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