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Submission to RDA Sydney

Sydney’s South has received little attention to infrastructure needs for many years.  In fact Sutherland Shire was ignored completely in the last two Metro Strategy papers.  Probably the most overdue & the most significant piece of infrastructure is what is known as the F6 (or SouthConnex).It is understood final stages of planning are underway but with a probable 10 year build time already strangled traffic in & around the Shire will cease flowing.It is hoped that the F6/SouthConnex will by- pass  Engadine, Heathcote & Waterfall by passing on the eastern side of the rail.

Over 50% of the Shire workforce leave the Shire each day to work. This places enormous pressure on local roads & parking .Significant economic development will occur in the Lucas Heights area over coming years (providing significant employment) accompanied by over 2000 new homes.

Sutherland (village) is midway between Sydney & Wollongong & will be developed as a commercial hub as part of the redevelopment plans (for the village)including high rise commercial office space.With significant investment (at ANSTO (increasing) & Sutherland Hospital )  of over $500m Sutherland qualifies as a Strategic Centre.

Within the Shire only Kurnell & Lucas Heights present both potential & capacity for economic development & hence employment generation.


This freeway must be built as a priority. Whilst providing residents of Sydney’s south & Wollongong easy & fast access to Sydney/Wollongong through traffic will be eliminated from local roads.

A9 New Illawarra Rd to Waterfall

Whilst construction in the form of widening of Alfords Point Road has commenced it is important to continue & widen New Illawarra Rd (4 lanes)past the ANSTO facility then across Heathcote Rd & south to Waterfall. The lands south of Heathcote Rd could be developed in the future as Australia’s Grenoble or Silicon Valley (medical theme at this time).The proximity to the rather unique research facilities at ANSTO provides ample reason to embrace this concept. Considerable high tech employment would be generated at the same time as facilitating western suburbs traffic by passing the Shire as it heads south.

Bangor By- Pass  West

The current Bangor by-pass must be extended west across New Illawarra Rd to join Heathcote Rd. This

Initiative will provide easier access to the Western Suburbs for those from the Shire commuting west to work. The land through which this extension passes is owned by the Gandangara Land Council ,would then be available for building dwellings(approx 2,500).

Lucas heights

The area in and around ANSTO is the subject of a separate submission – sufficient to say that special consideration must be given to infrastructure needs appropriate for this important project.

There are more, perhaps less pressing, areas of infrastructure needs for Sydney’s south including:

  1.  Heathcote Road between Moorebank & New Illawarra Road.
  2.  More rapid roll out of the NBN into employment zones in Sydney’s south. The slow speed of roll out into employment zones such as Taren Point is stopping the area from reaching its full potential in an employment sense.
  3.  Trenching of President Avenue through the main Caringbah intersection thereby smoothing east/west traffic flow within the Shire & improving access to the major tourist attraction of Cronulla.
  4.  A railway station at & serving Sutherland Hospital.
  5.  Mobile phone blackspots in Bundeena & Mainbar need to be addressed. This area ( & the Royal National Park) are virtually without communications. Bush fires & other emergencies could lead to disaster  especially when there are no communications.
  6. For 25 days (on average) per year Audley Weir is closed due to flooding. Raising the weir by say 1 metre would overcome this problem.
  7. To maximise employment in the industrial area of Kurnell access must be improved from the north & the south. A road tunnel from La Perouse to Kurnell would satisfy this need. Further, to connect Cronulla & the housing subdivisions underway on the Kurnell peninsula, with the Eastern suburbs then on to Sydney, light rail could take pressure from the City Rail system & reduce vehicle use. Of course a dedicated underwater tunnel would be needed.

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