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ShireBiz Quarterly & Xmas party, Cronulla 21st Nov 2019

30 members and friends of ShireBiz attended the ShireBiz Quarterly and Xmas Party held on Thursday 21st November at 71-73 Cronulla St [next to the Nulla Nulla Cafe in Cronulla Mall].  An introductory presentation was given by Luke Barbuto of Highland Property Development Group followed by many Steve Atherton, Chair, Southern Strength then gave an update on the ANSTO robotics project.




Peter Moran addressed the issues facing Aged Care in Australia

Peter Moran, CEO Moran Group spoke to 45 ShireBiz members and supporters pon the major issue facing aged care in Australia.  Locally he described the new Moran facility at Engadine which has been built in the town centre and which has a child care centre incorporated.  This has allowed residents to visit the local Cafes fro coffee.
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Peter Moran, MD, Moran Group ShireBiz Quarterly 15th August 2019
Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen

Welcome to this afternoon’s gathering and a conversation about the future of Aged Care.

My name is Peter Moran and I am the Managing Director of the Moran Health Care Group. A brief history of Moran Health Care: we have been providers of care to Australia’s sick aged for nearly 65 years.

At one point we were the largest private provider of aged care Australia wide.

The topic for discussion this afternoon is indeed timely. There is so much interest and so many trends being identified in the aged care sector that it can at times, feel somewhat overwhelming, both for a potential consumer of aged care services and as a provider of the same.

As Managing Director of the Moran Health Care Group, I am able to attend various forums with health care providers and other aged care providers on a regular basis.

In a wonderful coincidence of timing, I attended such a forum on Monday this week. It was a gathering of CEOs involved in the provision of services to the aged care sector. During the day long forum, many issues were canvassed.

Several of the presenters spoke about the trends that they thought represented what aged care services would look like in the future.

Three (3) major trends were identified. I am interested to hear from you, as consumers and potential consumers of aged care services, what you think these trends might be.

It is certainly enlightening to hear from you as interested consumers and compare with what I heard on Monday.

There are certainly similarities and some differences as well.

The three trends we discussed on Monday were:

Trend One: People being independent till later in their lives. Independence means different things to different people.

Trend Two: Advancing medical solutions/technology to ageing and health issues. Better health or better management of health issues.

Trend Three: The cost of caring for our elderly is going to increase. This will affect both the home care sector and the supply of staff to businesses like ours. This care is easier to manage in one spot i.e. in retirement villages rather than in many different directions.

As you might have identified from each of these trends, the clear message is that the majority of our elderly will live longer and better lives.

It is more than a glib statement, that consumers are looking for personalised services with an emphasis on caring and quality of life.  Each of these requirements features in the services offered by our group.

For those of you who do not know of us we have aged care homes at both Sylvania and Engadine providing an essential community service.

Our residents, their families, friends and carers want to be certain that their needs can be provided for in the home that they have selected. This is obviously important to them as well as ourselves.

As you would all appreciate the importance of a caring, stable, safe and convivial environment is paramount to both the individual resident and those who care for them. It also provides peace of mind for families and relatives of loved ones.

I am sure that there are many questions relating to the future of aged care within our communities and I am more than happy for people to be in contact with me as it is a complex path which people need to navigate through in order to obtain help for a loved one.

Thank you everyone.

Many questions followed.




Peter Barber spoke about development issues affecting commercial and residential building in the Shire at the May 9th Quarterly

Sutherland Shire Council’s Director of Planning, Peter Barber, outlined the present and future demographics of the Shire and the issues affecting the development of commercial/industrial land as well as residential development.  He indicated the importance of the ANSTO Innovation Precinct in providing future jobs particularly in the high-tech area.  He mentioned the difficulty of getting a hotel built to service both the tourism and commercial needs, mainly due to both low population and the need for an all year attraction such as a convention centre.

Jeff Eager, Carbonix spoke about the use of drones on Feb 21 2019

Jeff mentioned that the company had moved from using carbon fibre in marine vessels to using it in drones, due to the light weight He exhibited one of their long range drones.

Dr Tim Boyle addresses ShireBiz on March 2017 on the ANSTO Innovation Precinct

ANSTO’s vision of a Graduate Centre, Innovation Centre & an Industrial Park (the Precinct) at their Lucas Heights facility will provide a symbiotic ecosystem for scientists of the future and innovative industry leading to significant economic growth & high value jobs across Sydney’s south, the Illawarra & Southwest Sydney. ShireBiz shares this vision.  ShireBiz comprises leaders from the public & private sectors providing their experience & skills pro bono to grow economic activity in Sydney’s south generally, especially within Sutherland Shire. We have been an active contributor to the ANSTO Innovation precinct concept since its inception in 2013.

ANSTO has exclusive management of Australia’s nuclear infrastructure, enabling a competitive advantage in materials science, health & environment focused industry participants, in the Precinct. The ANSTO facility at Lucas Heights is an ideal strategic & geographic position to bring science & industry together. Lucas Heights is already a science precinct for ANSTO, CSIRO & the University of Wollongong.

Once fully established the Precinct will provide a beacon to attract more industry to Lucas Heights & its environs, where there is ample land for expansion, enabling industry based competitive clusters to be formed.


For further information please contact the ShireBiz representatives on the ANSTO Innovation Precinct Steering Committee: Tony Blain



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